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The Royop Block is a mixed-use development in the Calgary neighborhood of Connaught, and includes both retail and commercial office space. The Block is an adaptive re-use of an historical warehouse dating from circa-1900.

1706_Royop Block_056.jpg
Facing South_alt.jpg
  • The design returned the building to its former splendor, maintaining a strong relationship to the architectural heritage of the neighborhood.

  • Two additional floors using contemporary materials and design are offset from the original parapet, resulting in a visual juxtaposition that balances and reinforces the character of both components.

  • Ground-level retail is accessed from 11th Ave, while a new entrance on 7th Street allows access to office levels.

1706_Royop_Royop Block_010.jpg
1706_Royop_Royop Block_006.jpg
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