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The site includes extensive pedestrian amenities, including plazas, seating areas and trellised walkways. These are enhanced by restaurant terraces that help to create a vibrant atmosphere.

  • The overall site is unified by a common palette of brandywine brick, engineered wood siding, glazing, and shingle roofs.

  • Cupolas help demarcate entry points.

  • The design accommodates a steep grade while maintaining pedestrian accessibility throughout.

  • The north perimeter of the site includes a retaining wall that reaches up to 15 feet at its highest point.

  • Our design includes public art in the form of sculptural mirrors on one of the patio spaces.

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Gates of Nolan Hill is a retail centre with a grocery store anchor and an additional 8 buildings including a range of restaurants, services, and a gas bar. AK designed all buildings on site, and provided working drawings and construction contract administration for all buildings with the exception of the grocery store and gas bar.

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