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The former concept for this space was designed in a fashion relatable to the Downtown-Calgary location which targets a wider corporate market. The objective of this renovation project was not only to revitalize the space but  to create a pleasant atmosphere that would effectively engage the inhabitants and visitors of this mountain town and exhibit it's picturesque views.

1912_AK Murrietas_47.jpg
1912_AK Murrietas_41.jpg
1912_AK Murrietas_30.jpg
1912_AK Murrietas_06.jpg
  • The design connects with the location setting through the use of wood, stone and earth tone finishes.

  • Our design concept also ties in contemporary elements that create an inviting ambiance for an all-age demographic.

  • Another important consideration was the intent to preserve a sense of heritage influenced by the notion of old-fashioned railways.

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