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Mount Royal Village is a landmark commercial centre providing retail, restaurant, fitness, and professional services in one of Calgary's densely populated Beltline neighborhoods. The project contributes to the revitalization of the area, with a scope of work that included interior and exterior renovations along with facade upgrades of the neighbouring pharmacy.

  • The redesigned building introduces a curtain wall along 8th Street, greatly increasing daylighting to the building. The transparent membrane improves the streetscape with new sight lines and natural surveillance.

  • An interactive edge is created along the South (16th Avenue) elevation with folding glass walls opening to the sidewalk; the building contributes to a lively public sphere already animated by a parkette across 16th Avenue.

  • The existing copper dome over the main entrance vestibule was replaced with a contemporary combination of glazing, spandrels, aluminum panels, and banded signage.

  • Changes in cladding give prominence to tenant entrances.

  • An interior stairwell was redesigned with a glass and steel enclosure, opening the space with natural light and greater visibility.



  • The interior was significantly brightened with day-lighting from a two-storey curtain wall along 8th Street; interior updates included floor and wall coverings, redesigned staircases, a feature stairwell, updated lighting, washrooms, and elevators.

  • Feature walls shine with highly reflective, high-gloss acrylic coloured panels.

  • A two-storey glass enclosure provides a display area adjacent to the stairwell, improving sight lines and opening the space significantly.

  • Floor finishes improve way-finding with accent tiles emphasizing pedestrian circulation.

  • Column accents tie in with washroom and elevator details.

  • New lighting design includes a combination of static and colour-changing LED strips that accentuate circulation throughout the building's common areas.

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