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This midrise condominium resort was designed for a lakeside location in Sicamous, British Columbia. The buildings are 7 and 9 storeys respectively, and the development includes 2 levels of below-grade parking. The buildings cradle a shared courtyard featuring a hot tub, pools, and a generous deck area. The design celebrates the location, working to provide outstanding views and daylighting to all units.

  • The buildings provide a total of approximately 229,970 square feet of floor area.

  • In addition to 20 1-bedroom, 62 2-bedroom, and 60 3-bedroom suites, the project features 16 townhouse lofts, all with separate entrances at grade.

  • The building forms take inspiration from the mountain setting. Designed for time spent in the sun, the terracing and staggered setbacks help to realize the leisure focus of our client’s program.

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