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  • The built form reflects the transitional character of the site. Through setbacks and terracing, the building ascends in height toward the corner of Gladstone Road and 10th Street, creating ample space for rooftop gardens and amenity areas.

  • Townhouse units line the northwest corner of the development, creating a streetscape that respects the scale of the single-family residential area across Gladstone Road.

  • The shell building makes use of curtain walls, brick, and cornice; taken in combination with variations in building height, setback, articulation, and form, the development makes a significant contribution to the urban design of the area.


This mixed-use, transit-oriented concept was created for Calgary’s popular Kensington neighborhood. An inner-city neighborhood that also hosts important light rail and traffic links to downtown, Kensington is a thriving area that combines a mix of uses.

10th Street NW Elevation rev CROPPED.jpg

This project introduces a sixteen-storey condo building with mixed commercial uses at grade into a transitional zone between Kensington’s commercial district and an established residential neighborhood.

  • Because the building introduces a high residential density on the border between a commercial district and a single-family residential street, the design is sensitive to the transformative effect the development may have on the neighborhood.

Street Perspective.jpg
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