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A two-storey commercial building on 17th Avenue SW in Calgary, Alberta. This project included renovation of the existing building to update the exterior, building envelope, and interior lobby. Two new commercial retail units were added to the west side of the building on a former surface parking lot, adding nearly 3,500 square feet to the development.

  • The redesign gives the building a contemporary architectural edge that greatly improves street presence and clearly defines the entry points of the building's three at-grade tenants.

  • A new volume steps out toward the northeast corner of the site, creating visual interest and a prominent location for signage; the transparent curtain wall of this new volume creates a sense of continuity and interactivity between building and street.

  • The newly-added tenant spaces on the west side of the building are distinguished from the original building through variations in the facade, while maintaining overall unity of design.

17th and 9a 5_HDR2.jpg
17th and 91 daytime_HDR2.jpg
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