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Abugov-Kaspar provided architectural
and interior services in this renovation
of a commercial building on Calgary’s
17th Avenue SW. The design extends the
development out to the property line,
creating a second-storey rooftop patio
and a restaurant patio at grade along 17th

Our scope of work also included new entryways for the office building and the restaurant, in addition to a redesign of the office building lobby and elevator lobby.

• Our design enhances the building’s interaction with 17th Avenue’s busy pedestrian sphere. In particular, the development of the restaurant patio adds to the vibrancy of the street.
• The restaurant has a prominent corner entry; because of this our design draws attention to the building’s main entry, found along the north side. Cladding and articulation help to identify and create a sense of visual priority for the
building’s entry points.
• While our design increases the building’s overall footprint, the effect of this transformation is mitigated through pedestrian oriented features, including handrails, glazed canopies, and the restaurant patio which features distinctive, custom illumination.

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