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Gateway Garrison Woods is a four-storey mixed use development featuring three storeys of condo units over retail at grade. The development is located at a point of transition between Marda Loop, a mixed-use neighborhood recognized for its shops and restaurants, human scale, and walkability, and Garrison Woods, a residential area build on lands that were originally part of a military base.

Garrison Gate 2_HDR2.jpg

The neighborhood is widely regarded as a successful example of New Urbanism, an approach to development marked by high density, a mix of commercial and residential uses, interconnectivity, walkability, a mix of housing types and affordability, high architectural standards, and public place-making. These principles are central to the design of Gateway Garrison Woods.

  • The continuous concrete structure is articulated to have the outward appearance of a row of small, attached buildings unified by a consistent scale and overall aesthetic.

  • With its medley of shops and restaurants, the design captures the intimacy and vibrancy of an old world high street, helping to produce a robust pedestrian realm.

  • The L-shaped structure encloses a private courtyard, accessible from the street via an archway; the courtyard features a monument honouring the military history of the site.

  • Grade-level storefronts and abundant windows and Juliet balconies create an active street, enhance by wide sidewalks, street furniture, patios, and greenery.

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