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Evanston Towne Centre is a 10-building retail centre designed to meet the needs of one of Calgary’s fastest growing communities. The 10-acre site includes dining, retail, medical, and financial amenities.

  • The design emphasizes the pedestrian realm with plazas, features, street furniture, and landscaping. The public space is further animated by multiple patios and rest areas.

  • Continuous storefronts are lined with promenades set back from the property line, and running parallel to city sidewalks. This design creates large green strips and landscaped areas, helping to create a walkable, attractive environment.

  • Buildings are uniform in height, and all exhibit a low profile and human scale with an overall aesthetic that is both warm and contemporary.

  • The site exhibits a consistent design vocabulary: individual storefronts are distinguished through articulation and a variety of complementary materials. Uniform glazing and masonry and timber accents tie the site together.

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