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  • Abugov•Kaspar was the Architect-on-record for this project involving, design, interior design, production, and contract admin.

  • To anticipate an expanding business our firm designed accessibility to parts of the building that are currently not programmed.

  • Built as a showcase to display the capability of the company’s service, the Dawson Wallace headquarters communicates its use architecturally.

  • Lighting was designed to make this building stand out on the block and better define the company’s identity.

1909_Dawson Wallace_13_HDR.jpg
1909_Dawson Wallace_39.jpg

This project was a renovation of an existing warehouse building into the Dawson Wallace headquarters. Incorporating lighting design, impressive massing, and elegant interior design, this design exemplifies the quality craftsmanship that Dawson Wallace delivers. As the company continues to grow, our design will encapsulate their evolution.

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