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We developed this design concept to the DP stage; the design is for a new office development that incorporates an existing free standing restaurant. The three-storey multi-tenant office building includes one level of below-grade parking and is intended to achieve a LEED Silver rating.

The office building divides into two volumes, the larger of which is articulated into horizontal strata. In plan, the offset second storey creates a line that intersects and unites the entire development.

To one side, a colonnade projects from the office building toward the restaurant, enclosing the patio and emphasizing the restaurant entrance. To the other, a band of illuminated glass floats in an oblique frame that wraps the corner of the building.

  • The office component is approximately 24,900 square feet, while the restaurant is approximately 5,900 square feet.

  • Parking is available in 43 underground and 105 surface stalls.

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