Meet some of AK's team leaders
Ron Pettipas
As an AK Associate, Ron is tasked with delivering quality projects. His background in construction paired with a Masters in Architecture from Oxford UK offers a unique perspective to problem solving. Ron is responsible for a wide range of design projects. He also oversees the internal office development to keep the team up to date with industry trends in both digital design and building materials. Ron is an avid photographer who is always searching for the perfect shot both in the city and in the mountains with his family.
Chris Petersen
Chris is a Senior Architect; he brings a direct and dedicated attitude to every project he is involved in. He prioritizes listening to client’s needs and is creative in problem solving. His love of good design has brought forward a passion for 3D modelling, where he further develops his ideas and makes creative decisions from a more sculptural presence. One of Chris’ goals is to design a sexy high rise or a stadium.
Sue Gloecker
Sue is the Director of Interior Design. She oversees all aspects of the department and is involved in projects from proposals and design through to construction completion. She loves how design evolves from imagination into form through creativity and purpose. Sue is collaborative, dedicated and positive. She loves 80’s music, hanging out with friends, trying new restaurants, travelling and hiking.
Michael Oguntola
Michael is an Architectural Designer; his focus within the firm is on urban planning, site design and building energy requirements. He is very adaptable and creative while also being highly analytical, thus skillful at problem solving. He has a special interest in sustainable development, building 3D architectural models and heading on road trips with his camera.
David Schiwy
David is an Intern Architect, AAA working on becoming a Registered Architect. He has a strong background in communications, construction and program coordination. David believes in a client-centered approach and has strong leadership skills in Workplace Strategy and Project Management. Proficient in concept design, content creation and site feasibility studies; He’s also involved in writing proposals and award submissions. David is a dependable and committed individual, always open to learning and growing.  At home, his focus is on his wife, his dog, nature and fitness.
George Habbash
George is a Senior Project Manager with over 40 years experience in all categories of commercial and residential architecture. With a thorough understanding of construction types and methods, he provides input on specifications and structures, as well as support in contract administration and site inspections. George spends most of his free time with his grandchildren and has an affinity for a variety of sports.
Peter Kovacik
Peter is a Senior Architectural Technologist with a Master of Science in Building Construction. He is generally involved with commercial, residential and high rise projects. Peter is a team player; he loves to laugh and always has a positive attitude. Peter is hard-working and detail-oriented, but he is always able to step back and see the larger picture, whether at work or in life.  Peter also loves to travel. He has been exploring all corners of the world on his motorcycle. He enjoys the outdoors, and is always up for learning a new hobby. Currently, he is learning how to play the ukulele. He is a huge fan of hockey, soccer, and beer.
Gaelan Kaspar
Gaelan is a Project Coordinator and Architectural Technologist. He takes care of contract administration and works directly with clients and contractors to ensure drawing and specification standards are met. If problems arise, Gaelan works closely with the team to find viable solutions. Some of Gaelan’s interests are snowboarding, working on his motorbikes and taking his Harley on epic road trips.
Michael Barevich
Michael is a Project Coordinator and Architectural Technologist. He brings a personable approach to matters with contractors and consultants; he’s easy to talk to, always open to new ideas and willing to listen. Michael is present during construction meetings and responsible for drawing and site reviews, and he is also a good middle man between opposing views.  Michael is a responsible and committed family man; spending quality time with his kids is at the top of his list.
Dean Melnyk
Dean is the leading man behind all working drawings. He’s in charge of building details, of training the team; and a fundamental resource to clients, building owners, contractors and sub-trades. Dean is approachable and fair to all parties. His vast knowledge about what is going to be interpreted on site is unparalleled.
Otto Macko
Otto is a Senior Architect and our resident wizard of building code and site planning. He has handled numerous quality-projects from conception to completion as his extensive experience extends to all elements in architectural practice. Otto’s vast knowledge is now being passed on to the rest of the team. He has spent years developing his wine making skills and is also an avid outdoorsman.
Bruce Abugov and Frank Kaspar
Bruce Abugov and Frank Kaspar have been running the firm together for over 30 years. The two work closely with the client and with all members of their team through each phase of every project, guiding the team through obstacles and viewing the challenges they pose as inspiration for growth and professional exploration and advancement.  Frank and Bruce lead not only from a stance of self-reliance and autonomy, but by truly being inclusive and fostering relationships with their team, the client and various members of the industry.

Diversity and Talent
Working with AK means gaining the benefit of the entire team. A team of individuals from many different walks of life, education backgrounds, strengths and skills. But what makes us so unique is that our entire team truly works closely together, and the common denominator is how much we care and the pride we take in our work. We know each other well and where our strengths lie; and we utilize this collaborative dynamic to create an exceptionally strong unit.