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This commercial mixed-use building is home to Calgary Co-op’s corporate headquarters. In addition to office space, the building includes commercial retail units, financial services, and a Co-op food store. Outwardly, the architecture expresses the division of uses, providing separate access points for different user groups.

The sloped site presented a design challenge that we worked to our client’s advantage. The sloped site allowed us to create separate access points for different user groups; parking is correspondingly grouped according to building use.

  • The design takes advantage of the slope to maximize the retail potential of the site’s main lower level, while the office component is accessed from the upper level.

  • The overall design of the building reflects the various user groups, while following a unified appearance that conveys the Co-op corporate identity.


With this project, Co-op was able to consolidate all departments under one roof. It was therefore important that the interior design express the Co-op corporate brand in a stimulating work environment.

  • The design integrates elements drawn from the Client’s brand and marketing images to create a workplace expressing the values and philosophy of Calgary Co-op. Bold reds and blues – Co-op’s corporate colours – pop against earth tone tile and wood accents.

  • The interior is partitioned for a combination of open concept workspaces, meeting rooms, private offices, and staff amenities. Interior glass partitions help create continuity of space and light.

  • Spatial planning and furniture selection was carried out with the end goal of increasing the productivity and efficiency of the client’s workforce.

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