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Creativity in design and excellence in construction.

Our Firm

Abugov Kaspar has been practicing architecture, urban planning, interior design, and mechanical engineering in Calgary for over 30 years, building on the partnership of architect/engineer Bruce Abugov and architect Frank Kaspar.

Working out of our Calgary office, our practice reaches from Western Canada to the United States, Russia, the Czech Republic, Taiwan, and many other places.

Typical projects include office, retail, high-rise and multi-family residential, mixed use, hospitality, long-term care, and light industrial design. Our projects vary from facade upgrades and tenant fit-outs to complete design of new projects in excess of 1 billion dollars in construction value.


Abugov Kaspar provides a full scope of architectural and interior design services, from programming and concept design through all stages of design, contract documentation, tendering, and construction contract administration to project close-out. We have a proven record of experience with land use re-designation, development and building permits, and liaison with municipal authorities and stakeholder groups. Our clients benefit from our strong working relationships with the City, engineering consultants, contractors, and suppliers.

We also provide feasibility studies and site analysis, drawing on experience gained through a demonstrable history of successful commercial design.

Abugov Kaspar carries out building analysis for clients considering adaptive reuse or renovations of older buildings. Again, we have a proven record of completed reuse and renovation projects that include some of Calgary’s oldest buildings.

From small renovations to new large-scale developments, we help our clients understand and navigate the challenges and opportunities unique to each project. We provide innovative solutions that respect cost and time without sacrificing quality. We have the experience and expertise to maximize the value of each new site, ensuring our designs are the best fit for our client’s leasing and user needs.

Our Philosophy

Abugov Kaspar does not promote a single architectural style. Instead, we consider the fundamental ways in which buildings create place, inside and out. Purpose, function, and context are always unique, and so the client's vision and needs guide our design approach.

We provide innovative solutions that accommodate strict budgets and timelines. Our team considers technical and engineering implications from the start, ensuring the feasibility and economy of our designs.

Today's sustainable buildings are the foundation of tomorrow’s green cities. We advocate sustainable design and encourage our clients to incorporate sustainable features that make sense for their projects.

Studio and Technology

Our open concept studio facilitates communication and collaboration across departments. Architects, designers, project managers, technologists, contract administrators, and other staff across disciplines work closely alongside each other, leveraging our studio’s versatile layout of workstations, islands, and meeting spaces. Our office provides multiple meeting rooms fitted with interactive A/V technology.

Abugov Kaspar uses state of the art technology widely recognized in the design and construction industry. Our design technology allows us to coordinate our designs closely with our engineering consultants, providing an effective approach to quality assurance that minimizes errors that can result from a lack of alignment between disciplines.

We also make use of a range of powerful visualization tools that provide our consultant teams with enhanced capabilities for identifying conflicts, and our clients with options ranging from basic massing models to photorealistic renderings.

Cloud-based project tracking software allows us to maintain oversight and control over team progress throughout design, construction documentation, and contract administration stages. Project communications are also tracked and documented, ensuring that the entire consultant team is on the same page and focused on meeting timelines and budgets.

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